Graphic Design with Pre press work

Graphic Design with Pre press work


Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, colors, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages in a pleasant form which is more powerful than representing through the text. Graphic design is a skill of combining text and images to make ideas a reality. Graphic design is essential to convey information and engage people & definitely you will able to make a career and living out of graphic designing. ... You can join a good graphics design services providing company, printing press, Add agencies, Pre-press companies etc. or work as a freelance graphic designer to make tons of money. 


Dreaming to become a Graphic designer?

The Creation (design and print solution) will be the best option for you when it comes to Graphic Design training as we are not just the institute and instructor, we are the team of best Graphic Designer and handling the printing press from last 15 years hence we offers sound conceptual knowledge and necessary technical skills required to become a successful graphic designer in printing market of Nepal. From last 15 year we are producing the human resource as a graphic designer in the market. Many sectors such as media, printing press, advertising agencies, designing house and prepress are in continuously demanding the graphic designers with us. So in order to fulfill that demand, we focuses graphic design training as a career-oriented training program that will teach an individual to progress into the fields such as computer graphics. We provide practical base training and give students a dummy work for their confident and for their technical knowledge. We are supported by many press, prepress, add agencies etc. for the job placement after



Benefits/Scope of Graphic Designing Training

Graphic designers can achieve following benefits/Scopes in the market.

  1.          Graphic designers are highly respected profession.
  2.          It has very easy freelancing potentiality.
  3.          Easy to start your own business it is possible by less investment.
  4.          Gives directly contact with clients.
  5.          Availability of full-time as well as part time job placement having high payroll for best candidates.
  6.          Endless career and scope opportunities in the market as it is never ending business.


Benefits of Graphic Designing Training at The Creation

Trainees who attend graphic design training with us can enjoy following benefits,

  1.          We provide graphic design as well as prepress knowledge which is very necessity in printing graphic design. Every graphic designers need prepress techniques which need to think and work accordingly after design and before printing.
  2.          During training we give the prepress and press visit for the knowledge.
  3.           After completion of training trainees will get job opportunity.
  4.           Instructor with sound knowledge of designing and technical knowledge will teach you.
  5.           During training we provide dummy work for confidence of trainees.
  6.           Trainees after training, during his carrier if got any problem we welcomes trainees with problem. We help to solve it.
  7.           Reasonable price for trainees.
  8.           Those who don’t have confident for job will get re-class free of cost.
  9.           The trainees automatically will be the member of “Designers’ Club” a big platform.
  10.           After the designing training, on students demand we can provide art, illustration and photography training for interested student.*

Pre-knowledgee for Graphic Design Training

Graphic design training needs prior knowledge of basic computer skills. H/She should have sound skill of typing.