Each and every activity that involves human creativities in the form of visual, audio, and three-dimensional works are known as an Art. It could be sculpture, painting, performance, and others demonstrating the high quality of aesthetic beauty in art. It could be an illustration, an act, and philosophical usefulness providing messages to society.

Designers’ Club is the platform for many youths regarding Graphics designing, photography, and illustrators that comes with many different training and works. It’s a good hub for many people, students or professionals gathered together to share their knowledge, ideas, and creativity to learn from one another.

Members of the Designers’ club can benefit from the artwork problems. Art knowledge helps to improvise one’s designing sense and aesthetics in their work and life. In terms of career pursuit, Art will support through illustration, line drawing, and colouring (manually or digitally) for any upcoming designers to maintain their aesthetically beautiful artworks.


Rabin Maharjan

Artist / Chief in Training Department of Designers’ Club